Materials and Crafts Adopted in OUTLINE Products

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Purple sand (Zisha), glass, pottery and porcelain, crafts involving the processing of bamboo and the dip dyeing used for bedding products.

Unique Crafts Adopted in ZENS Products

ZENS’s hand-made tea ware by the artisans encompasses the traditional crafts of teapot-making using the “purple sand (Zisha)” which have a history of over 2,000 years in China. The BMW Travel Tea Set jointly launched by ZENS and BMW features the design philosophy of Wu Xing (the Five Elements that compose the physical universe) (see more details in the product introduction accordingly) as well as the traditional teapot shape of “Brandreth (Jinglan)”。

Our Extract Shuttle (see more details in the product introduction accordingly) highlights the use of the Lius’ Bamboo Weaving, the intangible cultural heritage of China. Such a traditional craft with a history of 2,300 years, is employed in the scald-proof design of our teapots.

When it comes to bedding, the Dali Blue series embraces the time-honored craft of dip dyeing in Yunnan Province, China. Each of the products will have to be dyed in the indigo dye for three times.

A newly launched tea tray named “Splash Tea Tray” makes use of bamboo fiber, an environmentally friendly material which is degradable.

The overall figure design of the Splash Tea Tray combines square and round. The base plate is made of degradable bamboo fiber, a kind of eco-friendly material.

One corner of the base plate extends a little, which makes pouring water easier while preserving the whole figure. It also enables the tray to be removed from the corner for cleaning.