Design Idea

Pursuing simple design philosophy


In the design, we should strive to make the best use of everything and bring the "use" into full play.

Jane removes unnecessary forms in form and industrial design.

At the same time keep the shape concise, reduce raw material consumption;

Easy to work, functional centered design allows simple forms to perform the most powerful functions.

Let the artifacts have the ease of "self explanation".

An interesting exploration of vertical and horizontal ideas


Philosophy design explores the subconscious domain of human beings, capturing people's early experience and unconscious life.

At the same time, we pursue the design that fits people's practical habits and human characteristics.

It enables users to perceive the designer's "fun" every day with their products.

With a feeling of "so good", I smiled.

Pay attention to the current use experience.

Website Keywords


On the premise of respecting traditional crafts, philosophical works design convenient utensils for modern people in different occasions.

From product design, development to production, and even the two research and development and new material exploration.

Philosophers allow users to participate in every aspect.

Ensure that every proposition of the designer is transformed into a practical consumption experience.

Quality home

Affordable high quality; support from domestic 100+ quality suppliers and overseas top suppliers. He is willing to make continuous attempts in pursuit of high quality.

Take the 2016 launch of the Pi Cup for example. Each component of the Pi Cup was selected from 11 high quality suppliers. We have searched almost all the manufacturing plants in China for blowing glass. You can see philosophers in London, Milan, Belgium, New York and other international cities.cross-border cooperation

Philosophy and BMW cooperation

In 2014, BMW launched the world's first BMW travel tea set, combining the "Oriental life wisdom" advocated by BMW with the "ultimate" spirit advocated by BMW. BMW Zerui grey purple sand travel tea set won the 2015 German Red Spot Design Award.

Zhe pin and the Imperial Palace cultural cooperation

Zhe Pin and Palace Museum Culture have jointly launched Zhe Series, Wanfanghe Travel Teaware, Zhe Series, Zhengyi Mingdao Travel Teaware, Zhe Series, Delicate Travel Teaware and Moon Shadow Carrier of Qianli River and Mountain Map.

Zhe series, Wan Fang'an travel tea set, Zhengyi Mingdao travel tea set, Zhe series, Demiao travel tea set is a kind of travel tea set jointly introduced by the Palace Museum culture and philosophical products. It has both historical humanities and design aesthetics, and injects daily beauty into life. Inspired by the traditional Chinese "Five Elements", product design is based on the elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. It is integrated into the seal of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty - "peace in all directions", "justice and friendship" and "excellence". Among them, "peace and harmony in all directions" embraces the vision of "harmony in all directions" and "justice and friendship and justice" annotates the traditional practice. For the sake of interest, we should interpret the wisdom of peace and quiet.